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Commercial sculpture, either in the round, or as reliefs, echo the past.  Shop owners have traditionally displayed the wares of their shops over counter tops, or alongside signage, as a representation of their businesses.
Sculptures and Form can aid in the development as well as production of sculptural ideas, for commercial purposes.  Sculptures can be developed from logos, icons, and images.  Undeveloped ideas are welcome.

Sculptures are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.  Materials used to create sculptures are extremely durable, lightweight, weather-proofed, and UV protected.  Materials for commercial sculpture vary according to the sculpture and related location.

Prices for commercial sculptures vary according to design requirements, size, and complexity.  Sculptures and Form will provide a free estimate, according to your specifications.
collage of commercial scuptures by Larry Kinney
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and Form Commerical Sculptures in progress.

Commercial Sculpture Applications
*  Movie industry props  (science fiction and fantasy sets, faux )
* Theater props  (sets and back drops, faux  architecture and
* Signage sculpture (food models, "product" samples, animated characters)
* Medical models
* Animated characters (for theme parks, educational institutions,
    and recreational facilities)
* 3-D or relief models of logos (for storefront signage, trade shows and other advertising)
* Faux  landscape and natural objects (rocks, trees,  outdoor  surfaces)
Lawrence Kinney has created more than  300 commercial sculptures through Sculptures and Form and through
his association with other companies. Mr. Kinney completed some of the commercial sculptures shown on this site in association with other companies. See full
disclosure at the bottom of  this page.

Click on the links below to learn more about different types of commercial sculptures by Lawrence Kinney and to view detailed examples

Sculptures & Form Commercial Sculptures fall into three major categories:
Signage Sculpture
3-D and relief style objects such as
food or logos that complement
storefront signage.

To Signage Sculptures Page...
Sculptured versions of animated
characters and other objects for theme parks, youth entertainment facilities, and
educational institutions
To Theme Sculptures Page...
Specialty Sculptures
Sculptured faux landscape
and architectural objects,
medical models, and entertainment
industry props
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SculpturesAndForm Signage Sculpture Sample
SculpturesAndForm Animated Character Sample
SculpturesAndForm Other Commercial Sculpture Sample
*Note: Mr. Kinney created the signage sculptures in our Commercial Art section in association with signage
   companies.  Signage companies produced the actual signage (words, fixtures, backgrounds, etc.).
*Mr. Kinney or Sculptures and Form  do not claim to have designed the likenesses or logos of  represented
   businesses.  All likenesses are the property of respective stores, restaurants, or other businesses.  Mr.
Kinney claims only to have sculpted shown sculptures.
To see examples of commercial sculptures designed as well as sculpted  by
Lawrence Kinney, visit these pages of our Commercial Art Section:

Native American Family        Pizza        Foot

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